The European Parliament and the Council adopted the "Europe for Citizens" Programme for the period 2007-2013, which shapes
towntwinningthe legal framework to support a wide range of activities and organizations promoting “active European citizenship” and the involvement of citizens in the process of European integration. Precisely, the main objective is to bring Europe closer to its citizens and to enable them to participate fully in the European construction. This programme supports a wide range of activities involving citizens from local communities across Europe focusing on sharing and exchanging experiences, opinions and values. It seeks to encourage meetings, exchanges and debates among European citizens from different countries and through different means. One important measure is the “Town Twinning and Networking of twinned towns”, which consists in benefiting from the links established at local level between twinned municipalities for fostering exchanges and cooperation. The projects set in this measure, providing the town twinning between local communities from Italy and Spain (Canyelles/ Castelvecchio Subequo and Cervià de Ter/Lama dei Peligni) which share several aspects such as town dimension, economic and social background.


The project has planned several steps in order to get the two local communities closer. Firstly, they have signed the agreement to enter in the network. Secondly, they have built a "Committee for town twinning" in every council town, which involves also organizations representing local people. The project intends to organize seminars and conference about topics related to European common identity and citizens’ involvement at European level. Issues like anti-crisis measures taken in Europe and the importance of social European cohesion and intergenerational solidarity will be also debated.


Working groups

WG 1 – Agreement procedures for Town Twinning.

WG 2 – Conferences and seminars about European identity and culture

Participant countries: 2



Budged requested : 60.000,00