Legami di parole




 legamidiparoleFor decades, the European educational systems have been providing effective reading techniques to citizens, despite their teaching and learning are quite a complex procedure. Within the Permanent Learning Programme – Comenius Regio framework, the project devotes to, firstly, analyse the learning process and highlight the main obstacles and, afterwards, to support teaching staff when improving its students’ reading skills. More precisely, the “Legami di Parole” project searches to organise a network between the educational institutions, no matter if they are based on formal, non-formal or informal education, from the participant communities and between different generations. That is all based on two key priorities.





The main goals of this project are the linguistic skills improvement, both the children’s and the adults’, by means of the most effective practices in schools, libraries and cultural associations. Hence, it intends to develop an educational model which is handy and applicable to both regions’ centres. Three guidelines are followed in other to reach these goals:



  • Firstly, it wants to promote cooperation between networks and educational organizations, whether they are formal, non-formal or informal, both at local level and at regional and transnational level.
  • Secondly, it searches for people’s awareness about regional and European identity.
  • Finally, it aims at increasing the European dimension educational systems hold by means of getting to know the partner country and accepting the great value encapsulated in both cultural and linguistic diversity.



This bunch of activities will be part of a teaching model based on good practices, whose results will be registered in both webpages and national and international publications. Hence, a priceless connexion between oral expression, corporal expression, writing and digital environment will be molded.


Working groups

WG 1 — Analyses and researches about the low reading rates among young people.

WG 2 — Laboratories and teaching courses for educational staff and cultural organisations.

WG 3 — Creation of reading routes and readers’ reviews.

WG 4 – Artistic and computer itineraries linked to oral tradition.

Participant countries: 2

Coordinator partner: Regional Department of Education Abruzzo - Italy

Associated partner: Ajuntament de Bescanó -Spain

Budget requested : 94.339,00