Giovani Cittadini d'Europa





In synergy with the aims of the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci, “Giovani cittadini d’Europa” project intends to giovanicittadiniincrease the attractiveness of professional mobility for enterprises and simultaneously fostering professional mobility of young people available in the labour market and young workers from local enterprises. The attractiveness of mobility enhanced by training experiences in professional sectors of interest for companies of the territory will facilitate the matching between offer-demand on the labour market and better employability of the target group.



The “Giovani cittadini d’Europa” project seeks to combine actions of professional counseling and working experience abroad. Therefore, these objectives are shared among a partnership composed by public Institutions responsible for labour policies, European policies and local development, Chambers of craft and industry, professional associations, Universities and other education Institutions, foundations and banks. These involved institutions have worked together to set actions to qualify the territory, pointing to highest employability rate and attractiveness of professional profiles for local businesses. In addition, other aims of the project proposal are the consolidation of precarious contractual terms and better career prospects for young workers.

It would become important for the results of the project the effective matching of labour offer-demand.


Working groups

WG BE – Editing and Journalism. Publishing and Events organizations in a book store.

WG GB – Project Management. Marketing. Personal Assistant Management.

WG SP – European Project Management.

WG OTHERS – own project proposals


Countries involved: 9

Leader partner: Italy

Associate partner: BE, GB, SP, IE, FR, GE, MT, PT