HOLDmEN – Citizens of two European Regions



According to the report issued by the European Parliament and the European Council, 2013 was designated as the European Year of Citizens. The goal was to raise population’s awareness about rights and liabilities linked to European Union citizenship. In order to reach such a goal, and within the Comenius Regio framework, “HOLDmEN” project fosters cooperation between local educational authorities to enrich the offer given to the school-age children from the participants countries. To be exact, “HOLDmEN” project focuses on improving the knowledge young people have about their own country and Europe. As adults have been witnesses a series of historic events, they will play a significant role in this improvement. Moreover, “HOLDmEN” wants to promote the dialogue between generations by storytelling. Stories may evolve into a historical memory due to the wide knowledge the young people have about computers and other new technologies. “HOLDmEN” allows anyone to discover the European historical path by using oral sources in Catalonia and Abruzzo. The composition of these based-on-true-events short stories will be on the hands of the students, since they will be given the freedom to choose the narrators of such stories.



“HOLDmEN” aims to identify and analyse the reasons why students show a lack of concern for history subject and, given that, it tries to revert that opinion. That is the trigger why it focuses on sharing local traditions between the participant regions, no matter if these are related to either oral or written narratives, and on historical auditions which could be the central axis for the audiovisual stories supported by new technologies. There is another strategy to take into consideration: getting to know historical places in both regions by the guide and experiences of the natives. Old people play a determinant role in assembling the next generations’ European citizenship by encouraging students to know the history of their countries and Europe through youth exchanges with other European nations.



Working groups

WG 1 – Storytelling. Laboratory for creative writing.

WG 2 - The lives of others. Understanding the contents.

WG 3 – We all are winners. “HOLDmEN Prize".

WG 4 – Book Week. Project results.

Participant countries: 2

Coordinating partner: Consell Comarcal del Gironès - SP

Associated partner: Provincia dell’Aquila - IT

Budged reuested 91.268,00